Jon Pardi Wants to Make the Girls Dance

Singer-Songwriter Gets the Attention of the 'Los Angeles Times'

Maybe you call him a "Pardi Animal." I call him the "Pardi Pumpkin." And many, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, simply call him "Pardi."

Whatever moniker you prefer, one thing is for sure. Jon Pardi is not only a "Pardi," he's a bona fide "party," and America is catching on and dancing along.

"I have a hard time singing slow songs," Pardi told the newspaper. "I wanna make the girls dance and sing along."

But although he's making those gals swoon, he's got a softer, more humble side. Perhaps it's because his journey was anything but an easy one.

Pardi told the Times he saved up $7,000 working part time for his dad in Winters, California, and decided on Feb. 23, 2008, he was going to make the big move to Nashville.

"The first six months were really hard," he said.

But he found a comfortable environment at Losers, a Nashville bar heavily frequented by Music Row types, songwriters and other artists. He eventually began playing weekends there before snagging a publishing deal and then the ultimate prize -- a record deal.

So how did he do it?

"I just went everywhere and got in people's faces," he said.

It worked. Now he's on the road with Dierks Bentley and playing club shows in between those dates. Admitting it's far from a normal life, Pardi joked, "I mean, we're basically traveling carnies.

That's one circus I'd run away to join.

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