CMT Adds New Talent to Artist Discovery Initiative

Check Out the Next Wave of Great Music

Hungry for fresh music from new artists? Check out these latest additions to CMT's Artist Discovery campaign.

Ryan Beaver


Texas-native Ryan Beaver delivers a track so empowering it will lift you right out of your seat.

“Dark” is a wide-open, soaring arena-worthy track that will inspire you to face whatever darkness is in front of you, big or small, head on with the kind of courage you didn’t know you possessed. Added bonus: The video perfectly captures the stormy angst of the music. Get ready to come alive.

Lewis Brice

“Best Ex Ever”

Yes, you do recognize that last name.

Lee Brice's younger brother steps into the limelight with this catchy single and hilarious new video that tells the story of a guy who just can’t seem to let his go of his past love. (P.S.: Be on the lookout for a cameo from his big brother.)

Zach DuBois

“Work Harder”

Giving a heartfelt nod to the farmers of the world with his single “Work Harder,” Zach DuBois comes in strong with a meaningful message and video which depicts a father and son working to preserve the traditions of their family’s previous generations.

It’s a tribute to the family farms of his native Indiana and a staunch reminder of the importance of determination and perseverance; but the best thing about these inspiring lyrics is that they truly apply to everyone from all walks of life. “Dig deeper, burn hotter, work harder.”

Kalie Shorr

“Fight Like a Girl”

Listen up, gentlemen: Kalie Shorr has a message for you.

Shorr serves up a sassy reminder that it’s hardly a man’s world in country music anymore with a tune about the power of the female heart and voice. The moving song, co-written with Lena Stone and Hailey Steele, is “perfume sweet and whiskey strong” and packs an emotional punch at the end.


“Good Ol’ Days”

How we all long for the good ol’ days, too, SmithField.

This adorable duo of Jennifer Fiedler and Trey Smith is bringing the nostalgic feels in the best way with their single “Good Ol’ Days,” which not only praises the past but also serves as a great reminder that our present will one day become a wonderful memory, so be sure to live it up. Plus the video has a cool bonfire, and who doesn’t love that?

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