A Playlist for Carrie Underwood on Isaiah's Birthday

There's a Country Song for Every Stage of Motherhood

When Carrie Underwood posted on Thursday (Feb. 27) about her son Isaiah turning five, my mind immediately went here: to the 2004 Billy Dean song "Let Them Be Little." At the time that song was on country radio, my own kids were 9, 7 and 5, so I was thinking exactly what Underwood was thinking.

This is every parent's wish as they watch they babies turn into toddlers and their toddlers turn into little people and those little people turn into full-grown adults.

"He is five today," Underwood shared on social media on Isaiah's birthday. "Where did these last five years go? It’s so bittersweet watching your children grow up. You want them to stay little and chubby and cuddly forever but it’s also so much fun seeing them turn into little people!

"Isaiah, you are funny and smart and such a caring little boy! You already have so much love for God and for all those around you. The day I became your mother was the day my life changed forever. You are five today but you will always be my baby matter how old you get. Thank you for being you."

Every mother has felt every one of those emotions.

But as much as the Dean song fits Underwood's life with Isaiah right now, as he gets older, here are some other relevant tunes she can add to her playlist.

When Isaiah learns to ride a bike:

When life with little boys gets exhausting:

When Isaiah and his little brother Jacob become best buddies:

When Isaiah starts to outgrow himself:

When Isaiah starts high school:

When Isaiah decides he can't wait to grow up:

When Isaiah leaves for college:

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