Zach Bryan Teases New Single “Small Town Smokeshow”

Zach Bryan’s new twisted tale about forbidden love will leave you speechless – LISTEN!

Breakout star Zach Bryan has country music fans in the palm of his hand. Just weeks after he dropped his massive 34-song label debut record “American Heartbreak” – he recently teased an unreleased track titled, “Small Town Smokeshow.”

The military veteran kicked off the mid-tempo melody, as he picked at his acoustic guitar under the spotlight. It wasn’t long until the gentle introduction was elevated with a fiddle, cello, and banjo.

From the very first note, Bryan lured listeners in with his edgy sound and striking vocal control. Throughout the track, the emerging artist delivers a twisted tale about forbidden love. Similar to “Romeo And Juliet,” the 26-year-old hitmaker introduces fans to a bad boy who can’t be with a goody two-shoes. As the storyline untangles, Bryan admits that the God-loving beauty will never find anyone good enough [including himself] in her tiny town.

“Go on and put on that dress | That all the bad boys like | I know your Daddy ain’t home | So ride with me tonight | You always wind up here in a puddle of tears,” he sings. “The boys are out, and they’re angry, and they’re looking for blood | In the back of a blue old pickup truck | You’ve got nowhere to go |Although you’re all gussied up.”

Following the performance, Bryan ran to Instagram to share the lyrics to the emotional-driven hit and to reveal behind-the-scene snapshots from the show. Fans who attended the festival praised the Oklahoma native for his jaw-dropping set and acknowledged his rapid rise to fame.

“I don’t understand how this man’s brain operates. It must just have nothing, but lyrics run through it every second each day. Incredible thing to witness,” said a fan. “Thank you for your music, Zach. I can’t explain how much you help me through and help other people. I can’t wait to see you in concert again,” added another.

Since the release of “American Heartbreak,” he gave his devoted community a sneak peek of his upcoming poetic ballad, “Twenty So.” The melancholy melody is destined to grace the top of the charts, as the relatable lyrics about being 20-something cuts deep.

Bryan has not revealed any additional information regarding the release of both “Twenty So” and “Small Town Smokeshow.” One must attend his nationwide American Heartbreak Tour to hear the unreleased tracks. The internet sensation turned country crooner is expected to hit large cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and will wrap in Denver, Colorado, on November 3.

Bryan’s high-energy set list will include hits from “American Heartbreak,” which became the most-streamed single-day country release in 2022 on Apply Music and Spotify. Tickets to hear No.1 tracks “Something In The Orange” and “From Austin” are currently available for purchase, here.

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