Will Blake Shelton Gamble on a Las Vegas Residency?

Blake Shelton says he has always wanted to play a residency like Garth Brooks' famed one-man show at The Wynn.

Blake Shelton makes no bones about it – a Las Vegas residency could definitely be in the cards.

“I’ve always wanted to do a show like [Garth’s],” Shelton admitted to People, referring to Garth Brooks’ 2009-2014 residency at The Wynn Las Vegas. The show was just Brooks and his guitar playing his hits and his favorite songs.

“Now, I probably waited too long because I don’t play guitar as good as I used to,” Shelton continued. “The key thing for Garth was that he could just walk out there and play a million different songs. I always meant to do something like that. It’s just my career hasn’t had the window of time to do it up until now. I definitely think that there’s a good chance of me doing something like that.”

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