CMT PREMIERE: Maggie Baugh's "Drinking To The Broken Hearts" Is A "Vulnerable," "Life Changing" Ballad

Baugh's anthemic ode to whiskey-soaked heartbreak creates a "relatable" experience

"Listening to lyrics and listening to lyrics while having something visual in front of you, really brings all of your senses together," says Maggie Baugh, in a thoughtful reflection to CMT about her latest song and video, "Drinking To The Broken Hearts." She continues regarding the unique surroundings for the shoot, "We recorded this [video] at Pomelo Grove in South Tennessee and I remember being absolutely stunned with the aesthetic of the trailer park. Having the trailers in the middle of the woods was such a different environment than how I grew up and I loved every second of it."

Baugh's anthemic ode to whiskey-soaked heartbreak, for her, allows her to highlight what she calls a "relatable" and "different side," aimed at helping "[her fans'] perspective on life change." She adds, "If I was able to do that with my three-minute video, then I am very happy to have been a part of that person's story." Continuing, Baugh says, "[The video allowed me] to feel like lyrics and really see what they mean with every little movement and facial expression. Being able to bring a song to life like that is so magical and I am so grateful to be able to share it."

In final she adds, "I really loved bringing the senses and creative juices [that 'Drinking To The Broken Hearts' inspired] to life. Just like recording a music video, seeing a movie versus being in the movie, are two different things. Being the character in your own video, [with] the right emotions, is a vulnerable and emotional experience."

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