LeAnn Rimes Says 'Wholly Human' Podcast Helps Her Process Impact of Childhood Fame

"[I want to] discharge the shame of everyone else's journey by sharing my own," Rimes says

Twenty-five years after her debut album Blue spurred her to global superstardom, LeAnn Rimes tells USA Today that she is "still dealing" with the survival-related trauma of achieving Grammy-winning success at 14 years of age. "I can look back and recognize, I think, how much I have survived. The traumatic parts of it kind of out shadow and outweigh the success and all the accomplishments, so it's nice to kind of look back and have a have a balanced view of both sides of things," she says.

"I feel like probably one of my greatest accomplishments has been surviving childhood stardom and thriving past it and finding my own healing and my own healing journey because not everyone is so fortunate," she later added.

Moreover, via her iHeart Radio mental health podcast Wholly Human, she's found an outlet to use her voice and reach to aid others possibly dealing with similar mental health stressors.

In the forthcoming season two of the podcast, Rimes will continue her wellness exploration with guests including experimental psychologist Dr. Ethan Kross, bestselling authors Danielle LaPort and Jeffrey Marsh, TikTok and Instagram star Jeffrey Marsh, plus others. Regarding the next season's goals, the acclaimed vocalist notes, "Every time I do it I feel like I'm opening up more and more and I'm allowing that space to be a place of humanity...[I want to] discharge the shame of everyone else's journey by sharing my own."

As well, a new album is in the offing from Rimes, too. Tentatively titled God's Work, it has no official release date. Still, the seller of 44 million units globally says, "This album is a real call to action not only personally but for the collective. I feel like I'm really writing music that is part of my own expression and awakening, but calling people to join me on that, too."

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