Dierks Bentley Calls Writing "Beers On Me" "Songwriter Artist Fantasy Camp"

Dierks Bentley, Breland, Hardy, Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley and Luke Dick celebrated their recent No. 1 hit on Wednesday, "Beers On Me."

Dierks Bentley, BRELAND, HARDY, Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley and Luke Dick celebrated their recent No. 1 hit on Wednesday, "Beers On Me."

The six men co-wrote the song together, and it is Bentley's 21st No. 1 song. HARDY and BRELAND perform on it with him.

There was nothing but love as the men talked about creating and performing the song together.

"This is such an eclectic group that everyone brings some crazy energy to the room," Bentley says. "I'm good at balancing a lot of stuff. My game is more like once the song is finished and the horse is going to do what it takes you to get out there and get across the line. It's fun collaborating with these guys because everyone brings something so special to the table. And everyone in here is an artist."

BRELAND says the song's magic lies in its ease.

"There's something about just a simple song with a simple melody, especially with people being back outside and being able to get back with some of their old friends and do all the things that help us communicate and relate to one another," he says. "'Beers On Me' is perfect for a world that's moving toward post-pandemic life."

Bentley laughs at the idea that BRELAND's part in the song is simple. It's so complicated that Bentley had to come up with a new arrangement of the song to sing when BRELAND isn't around to cover his part.

"I used to try to do that, and it was embarrassing," Bentley said. "I sing HARDY's verse, which I can do pretty well. If you want to hear the BRELAND verse, you go see a BRELAND show."

Bentley said the BRELAND wrote his verse in just 20 minutes, and HARDY was impressed.

"It was just such a perfect blend of a really cool country lyric, but with a very, very R&B thing to it," HARDY explained of BRELAND's verse. "It worked perfect with the song, and it made me jealous when I heard it. I was like, 'Damn, can I like rewrite my verse?'"

The singers say they learned from each other.

"I love how everybody can sort of contribute their own thing in one song," HARDY said. "I just think that that's really cool that the three of us have something different to offer."

"Just having a chance to get to know them and to see what they stand for, these are two really incredible dudes," BRELAND added. "Seeing how Dierks balances family and work is something I aspire to do. Seeing how HARDY has built his fan base and how much energy he puts into every show is incredible to watch."

Bentley called the group a "songwriter/artist fantasy camp."

"Luke Dick up here is probably the best entertainer in the whole group," Bentley said. "Hardy sang the demo. Luke's playing the guitar part, doing all the creative stuff. And Ashley and Ross are both the biggest songwriters in this town."

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