Dierks Bentley's Top 2 Dierks Bentley Albums

Digging In for the "Part After Happily Ever After"

This has to be the toughest question for any artist: What was your favorite album to make?

Especially if that artist has made eight of them.

So when Hits Daily Double asked that of Dierks Bentley, he had two answers.

“The second one, Modern Day Drifter, was fun, because I was on the road nonstop -- 300 days a year -- and we actually wrote that record on the road," Bentley said of the album released in May 2005. "It was grueling. We cut it in 11 days. That album was really in the moment."

He added that he loves that album because it really captured who he was at the time -- a modern day drifter.

“There was a song, ‘Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do.’ The whole album had that vibe to it,” he said.

Then again, there’s his album from earlier this year, Black.

“I feel like its sound and theme were things that I’ve been trying to realize for a long time," he said. "I went into the record with absolutely no songs left over from the album before. I had no ideas. I was just trying to find something to write about. And eventually, I wrote that song, 'Black.' It’s my wife’s maiden name. It’s a sexy song, a dark song."

Bentley admits he wanted to make an album about relationships but not just the shiny, happy parts.

“I’ve been married for 10 years," he said. "I was trying to dig in and find some more dirt -- you know, the part after happily ever after.

"I feel like it really has a beginning and an end and a real story."

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