Premiere: The Kentucky Gentlemen's "VIBIN" Delivers A Twin Dose Of Smooth, Countrified Soul

Twin brothers Derek and Brandon Campbell's latest video offers a slice of breezy, relaxing life

Hailing from Versailles, Kentucky, twin brothers Derek and Brandon Campbell -- being fans of sitting back and swilling bourbon and beer with friends on a sunny afternoon -- meet the expectation of indeed being two Kentucky Gentlemen. Their latest video for "VIBIN" is a slice of breezy, relaxing life hanging out with an airsteam trailer. For nearly the past decade, Derek’s twanging baritone and Brandon’s timeless Southern soul tenor have wowed audiences. On this newly debuting video, that established trend continues.

The duo noted that they only had three hours to film the day they shot the video. "With a lot of planning between us, we pulled up to the 70-year-old Vintage airstream trailer and set up tons of plants and furniture ready to take on the challenge. Almost everything on that set came from our own home. Then we let the good times roll. Thank the Lord for great friends, good beer, and a great director."

The duo also notes that the video highlights the idea that they value "[living] your life like you’re always flying down Honeymoon Avenue!" The Campbell Brothers also hope that their fans also use the video to realize that "it’s 100% okay to let go of the worries, reminisce on the memories, and fall in love all over again."

"We SCREAMED! It’s honestly very liberating when your own art comes to life," said Derek and Brandon Campbell. "We’re still giddy and cheesing from ear to ear, talking about it now. Not only did we love watching ourselves dancing it down with our friends, but this video encompasses everything The Kentucky Gentlemen are and dang good style!"

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