Jimmie Allen Announces Baby Girl is on the Way

How He's Becoming the Best Version He Knew He Could Be

Jimmie Allen first became a father when his son Aadyn was born five years ago. And now, the country newcomer is about to welcome a baby girl.

Early on Monday morning (Nov. 11), Allen shared the news on country radio that Aadyn will be a big brother soon. And he shared the baby's gender on Instagram.

In the video for his debut single "Best Shot," Allen introduces the song by saying "I'm ready to be the version of me that 8-year-old Jimmie knew I could be." The home movies within the video take a very moving song to the next level.

Earlier this year, Allen proposed to his girlfriend, Alexis Gale. Both Allen and Gale are from Milton, Delaware. Allen recently told that juggling a family with a music career isn't easy, but there are moments when he sees just how powerful his music can be. He says that some days he feels like he is missing out on so much. “And then you have those moments when you play an arena and ten thousand people are singing your song back to you. And then you get messages from people saying, ’Hey, this song saved my marriage. My husband’s away in the military, and we type the lyrics back and forth, and it feels like he’s next to me,'" Allen said.

Allen is currently on the road for the 2019 CMT on Tour with Michael Ray and Walker County. Their next stop will be in Macon, Georgia on Nov. 23.

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