We Can't Stop Picturing Five-Year-Old Keith Urban at a Johnny Cash Concert

Some FaceTime Revelations About His Earliest Influences

First, just picture Keith Urban as a little boy. This Instagram gallery he posted ought to help.

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Too many times these moments they come and go, how lucky was I that our moment was set in stone. #Polaroid

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Now picture that exact same little boy going to see Johnny Cash -- likely in 1972 at the Brisbane Festival Hall in Queensland, Australia -- and finding his life path. (As the legend goes, it was at that Cash show when Urban had an epiphany and determined that he had to learn how to play the guitar. And with the help of a local woman, he did.)

In a recent video chat with Apple Music, Urban recalled how those early years and influences planted the seeds for him and ultimately pointed him toward Nashville.

"I realize it's probably equal parts country music -- which is what my dad loved -- so that's what we heard a lot in the house. My family went to see Johnny Cash. My mom and dad and me and my brother. I think I was five and my brother was seven. And off we trundled to see Johnny Cash," Urban recalled. "That was my first concert.

"But also Top 40 radio. Hooky songs man. Riffs and hooks and phrases and guitars and solos and rhythm and groove and memorable structure."

In the 47 years since that Cash show, Urban has made 11 albums, released 30 No. 1 songs, and won just about every award in the book. See what the grown-up Urban had to say about his brand new song "Polaroid" here.

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