The 'Nashville' Refresher Course

A Guide to Picking Up Where We Left Off

Just in case you don't remember the events of May 14 like they were yesterday, I thought I'd throw together a rerun of the recap of last season's end of ABC's Nashville so we'd all be on the same page come premiere time Wednesday night (Sept. 24).

I legitimately don't know what this new season will bring. Drama? For sure. Sex? Also a certainty. But I have no insider knowledge of who will sleep with who, who will fight with who, who will get fired, who will get famous and so on. (Although if history's repeating, Juliette will probably do a little bit of all that.)

This is what was happening when the show left off:

At the end of the last go-around, Rayna and Deacon finally gave into their undeniable love. The emotional and, God bless them, the physical kind.

But Luke had just proposed to Rayna, so there's that.

Meanwhile, Will took his marriage to another level when he admitted to his wife Layla that he's gay.

Deacon and his bio-daughter Maddie exchanged gifts -- a picture for him and a guitar for her.

And let's not forget that Juliette slept with Jeff. (Her spirits were up, but her inhibitions were down, to quote Brandy Clark.) But she is one lucky girl because both her boyfriend Avery and her boss Rayna forgave her for that drunken lapse in judgment.

Scarlett and Gunnar made up.

Rayna passed the test of true girlfriendship when she held Juliette's hair while she threw up.

Best of all, Rayna kind of declared war on Jeff. And since she has so many allies in her corner, I think we all know who's going to come out the winner.

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