PREMIERE: Maggie Rose Demands To Know "What Are We Fighting For"

The artist yearns for "compassion, empathy, and even excellence within me, my music..."

Veteran countrified soul vocalist Maggie Rose returns with her latest video for her new single, "What Are We Fighting For." The visually stunning and well-art-directed clip underpins a track guided by a prominent organ and Rose's warm tones.

Regarding the video's ambitious stylistic direction, Rose says, "The psychedelic 'Alice In Wonderland' set with the colors, lighting, and props invite the viewer to fully immerse themself in the feelings of the song. It brings them to the scene of conflict within myself, which is also symbolic of the contention that we are all faced with today. I think everyone is dealing with conflicting emotions right now, and this video reminds us to give all of those emotions space and time and do the same for each other."

Regarding her personal thoughts about what guided her songwriting process for her latest, Rose stated the following via Instagram:

"What am I fighting for? Compassion, empathy, and even excellence within me, my music, and the people and the world around me, but don’t get me wrong. My zeal is not always consistent, and the question itself poses varying challenges from one day to the next.

"Some days I struggle to simply feel worthy, and everything feels heavy and dark. Other days I’m totally fired up, and I demand that my worthiness be recognized. Some days I have no will to fight. Other days I’m frustrated at the lack of fight I observe around me. However, just asking the question of ourselves every day is a fight in itself, and the question is one only we alone can ask and answer."

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