CMT Roundup: New Music From Old Dominion, Tyler Hubbard, Elle King and More

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The first Friday of the New Year brings a confetti spray of new songs from some of country's biggest stars including Old Dominion, Elle King, Chase Rice, Tyler Hubbard and more.

If you need a sassy rebound song, King has you covered. Do you want to celebrate the love you share with your partner? Tyler Hubbard is your guy. 

Elle King, "Tulsa": Written by King, Ella Langley, Bobby Hamrick and Matt McKinney, "Tulsa" is a sassy, up-tempo new take on songs about Tulsa -- and a fresh way to approach a cheating song. While Tulsa is included in countless country songs, this is the first time the town's significance comes from spelling it backward. 

"This is not about tearing women down, but it's about putting the blame on the wrongdoer," King said. "If a man is cheating on you, it's not her fault because there are a million other girls he would do it with. And he'll just cheat on her, too. It's a song about uniting and not taking shit from this real P.O.S."

Lyrics include: He went back to Tulsa| Put some miles on that adios Tacoma| And I ain't talkin' Oklahoma| 'Cause it ain't what you think| But if you spell it back-to-front, you gonna know what I mean

"Tulsa" includes Ashley McBryde on background vocals and  Brothers Osborne's John Osborne on guitar.

"We wrote the song in less than an hour, and it's so raucous and fun," King said. "We've been playing it on the road, and it's the third song in our show now. It's fun for us and the crowd!"

Tyler Hubbard, "Me for Me": Former Florida Georgia Line singer Tyler Hubbard is readying to release his self-titled album on January 27. As he prepares to drop the album, Hubbard released a new song, "Me for Me," that he co-wrote alongside fellow famous dads Russell Dickerson and Thomas Rhett. He co-produced the song with Jordan Schmidt.

"We set aside a few hours and just thought we'd see what happens," Hubbard said in a statement. "We ended up writing 'Me For Me,' which quickly became one of my favorites because it really felt personal and real. I love when an unexpected song falls out of thin air, especially with two of your best buds. I couldn't wait to get into the studio with (producer) Jordan and bring the song to life."

The laidback mid-tempo delves into the intimate details of a relationship when people know each other well enough to cherish the idiosyncrasies that make each other unique.

Old Dominion, “Memory Lane”: Old Dominion’s first track of 2023 serves as a reminder to escape reality when times get tough. The melancholy melody is not your typical love song, as it doesn’t end with a happily ever after. Within the guitar-soaked hit, the protagonist realizes he has no intentions of healing his heart after a breakup and continues to dwell on the good times.

“Thinkin’ ‘bout those sunsets that bled into jean jacket nights | Those tangled up mornings lost in paradise |Still drunk on the feeling when I close my eyes,” sings Matthew Ramsey. “You’re pulling me closer, your head on my shoulder | We’d never let go, and we’d never be over.”

Old Dominion penned “Memory Lane” alongside GRAMMY-nominated songwriter Jessie Jo Dillon. The new single that touches upon lost love, has already made its way to Country Radio and follows their drinking song “Beer With My Friends” with Kenny Chesney. “Memory Lane” is destined to be a stand-out song on their forthcoming No Bad Vibes Tour, which will kick off on Jan. 19 in Evansville, IN.

Chase Rice, “I Hate Cowboys”: Chase Rice is just weeks away from releasing his highly anticipated album, “I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell.” Following his country-rocker “Way Down Yonder,” Rice dropped “I Hate Cowboys.” The arena-ready anthem serves as a backhanded compliment to cowboys, as he flawlessly uses imagery to describe their undeniable charm that has the power to win over any girl.

“It ain’t about hating cowboys because obviously, my dad was one,” Rice said on Good Morning America. “It’s more about a guy better at the game than you. He walks into the bar and steals your girl. When a guy walks in with a cowboy hat and looks confident, you better hold your girl close,” he added with a smile.

The explosive western-inspired single displays Rice’s refreshing new sound and maturity as a singer-songwriter. The crooner penned the track with award-winning artist HARDY, Ross Copperman, and Old Dominion’s Brad Tursi. The ear-grabbing hook, intertwined with the exhilarating instrumentals made up of guitar licks and heart-thumping percussion, is destined to leave fans hungry for the full-length record.

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