The War and Treaty's "Take Me In" Promotes Love, Patience and Togetherness

Military influences yield a soulful, heartwarming country ballad

Army veteran -- and The War and Treaty member Michael Trotter -- offers an intriguing note regarding the writing process behind their latest single, with a newly-debuted video, for "Take Me In." "The idea of the song is from the famous motto adopted in the military, "Leave no soldier behind," he says. "The music video we believe captures that sentiment. We all belong to each other, and even though we all grieve or hurt in different ways, the main idea in life is to make sure we continue to show love, patience and promote togetherness."

Trotter's wife, and The War and Treaty partner, Tanya Blount adds that the song reflects the idea that "everyone wants to be taken in and accepted. Trotter continues Blount's point by noting, "Yes, we all long for acceptance, and it’s high time that we start showing real true love." Via the duo's bio, their sound is a "bluesy but joyful fusion of Southern soul, gospel, country, and rock-and-roll" that inspires live performances "nearly revival-like in intensity." All of these notes are present within this production.

Regarding the video's clip, Blount recalls meeting its director, Chauncey June, and says, "We had never met her before and seemed so nice on the phone but her energy on the phone couldn’t prepare us for how beautiful she is in person." The final product had a profound impact on the tandem. "Tanya and I both cried tears of joy. It feels so good to see it come to life," says Michael Trotter.

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