Cardi B And Jimmie Allen Join Forces For Country-Like Version Of “Money”

Jimmie Allen introduces line dancing and bull riding to Cardi B – check it out!

World-renowned rapper Cardi B may have a career in country music, thanks to Jimmie Allen.

On the most recent episode of “Cardi Tries __” series on Messenger, the 29-year-old artist called in the “Down Home” singer to teach her how to line dance, ride a mechanical bull, and even to turn her 2020 smash hit “Money” into a honky tonk track.

The two joined forces at The Cowboy Palace Saloon in Chatsworth, California, where Allen first taught the multi-platinum musician how to two-step. While wearing a wild-west ensemble and a rhinestone-studded cowboy hat, Cardi B explained her primary purpose and why she’s interested in the country music genre.

“I want to get in the feel of it, because it’s something that is extremely popular and is like, super, super American culture,” she gushed. “I want to do it!”

Without wasting any time, the choreographer taught Cardi and Allen a fast routine full of stomps, sassy struts, and several body rolls. Like a true performer, the rapper caught on fast and was ready to dominate her next country task – bull riding.

Before saddling up, the two hitmakers took a shot of whiskey to shake the nerves. The “WAP” singer jumped on the mechanical bull and held on tight.

“I’m so scared!” she yelled while Allen counted out loud the seconds she managed to stay on the inflatable bull. “I don’t wanna ride no more, I’m drunky… that was a little difficult. It wasn’t as easy as it looks,” she declared.

She continued to explain that the undertaking made her feel “dizzy,” but Allen assured her that it was normal.

“That’ll happen with whiskey and bull riding. That’s what makes it fun!” he shared. “That’s not fun. That’s nauseating,” Cardi B replied.

After a day of pushing her boundaries, Cardi B returned to her safe space on the stage. However, Allen had more surprises up his sleeve. With an acoustic guitar gently on his lap, he began to play the melody of her chart-topping hit, “Money.”

The rapper followed Allen’s lead and placed a country twist on the fast-paced lyrics. In front of a live audience, Cardi B struggled to get through the country-style rendition. To push the cover along, Allen chimed in with his soulful vocals.

The surprise set with Allen at the California bar, marks Cardi B’s first live performance since 2019. Although the rapper is just now sparking an interest in country music, legend Dolly Parton has vocalized time and time again that she would like to collaborate with the hip-hop artist in the future.

“I know she’s a character, and I know she’s an original,” Parton told E! News Daily Pop.“I would love to do something with her sometime, a TV show or a movie. We’ll have Cardi B on that same show, let Cher host it, and me and Cardi B will be the entertainment,” she added.

Cardi Tries Country” is available to stream on Watch Together via Messenger and social media. Allen is set to release his forthcoming album “Tulip Drive,” on June 24 and is currently on his headlining tour with Chayce Beckham and Neon Union.

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