'Racing Wives' Premiere Recap: Catwalks, Shots + Showdowns

Wives, brand reps and a racer collide in the very first episode of 'Racing Wives.'

The premiere of Racing Wives, CMT's latest original unscripted series, found five ladies — executives, brand reps and a racer, among them — shifting through the world of North Carolina's elite social scene. But who pulled out ahead of the pack, and whose actions might have left her in the dust?

Let's race through the biggest moments.

Samantha's a boss...and a boss mother

Don't ask how the Kyle Busch Motorsports executive does it.

Ashley's not settling for trophy wife distinction

This polo player's her own biggest inspiration, thank you very much.

Will new wife Whitney manage to be true to herself?

The brand rep-turned-racing wife is in a strange social place.

Don't leave Mariel in the dust

Whitney's BFF is worried her partner in crime is slipping away.

Race protege Amber is ready to make things happen

She's ready to ride for KBM, but is it the right time?

Samantha certainly thinks so

And she's bending her hubby's ear about it.

For now, though, it's time to party

Or, more accurately, help out Catwalk for a Cause, which seeks to support children fighting cancer.

And Whitney and Mariel don't intend to be shown up

They might have come from branding backgrounds, but they won't let the big-time wives write them off.

But things take a turn when Amber and Mariel take a shot

It might have seemed innocent, but it's stirring up some trouble.

And Samantha's like: whaaaaaaat?

There's a time and a place for shots, she says, and this isn't it.

Suddenly, Samantha wonders if Amber's the right KBM-fit

After singing Amber's praises, Samantha's forced to wonder if she'd, indeed, backed a class act.

But here's hoping the ladies can get back to the fun...soon!

Raring and ready for more Racing Wives? Catch the latest episodes Fridays at 10/9c, only on CMT!

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