CMT Premiere: Harper Grace Offers Steadfast Relationship Advice, "Break It Like A Man"

Harper Grace: "I always say it's better to say it face-to-face than through a text."

Harper Grace has a message for fans with her new song and music video, "Break It Like a Man." If you're going to break a heart – be brave enough to do it in person.

"I always say it's better to say it face-to-face than through a text," Grace said. "And for everyone, relationships are about respect and honesty. So, whether it's learning how to handle tough situations or appreciating the importance of communication, I hope this video leaves a positive impression with them."

Grace wrote the song with Alex Kline and Scott Stepakoff. Kline, Cooper Bascom and Tedd T produced the song and Collective Films produced and directed the music video.

The Texas-born singer was able to test her acting chops for the first time in "Break It Like a Man" and said the experience was "a total blast."

"It's all about showing the real deal of a rocky relationship, you know?" she said. "From the highs to the lows, you see it all. And then there's that moment where the main character, me, decides enough is enough and takes charge. It's all about hardships and heartbreak, and being part of that storytelling was just everything."

Grace's favorite memory from filming left her with chills – literally. It was 26 degrees out, and she was performing in a tank top while everyone else on set was bundled in hats, jackets, blankets and gloves.

"Me and the band had to power through the whole shoot in that freezing cold weather!" she said. "It was definitely a challenge, but it made the experience unforgettable. I'll never forget recording in that freezing cold weather. But hey, it's all part of the story, right?"

Grace called seeing the finished video "honestly surreal."

"It was like watching my vision come to life right before my eyes," she said. "The emotion, the energy, everything just clicked together perfectly. It was such a proud moment to see all the hard work and creativity of everyone involved come together into something so powerful. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out."

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