Eric Paslay Brings "Song About a Girl" to Video

Singer Gives His Second Single Some Historical Perspective

Eric Paslay exploded onto the country scene in 2013, grabbing a Top 5 hit with the party anthem "Friday Night." Now he thinks his follow-up single "Song About a Girl" is even better suited to today's modern sound.

"Why do you need a shiny truck unless you're trying to get the girl to hop in it?" he asked CMT Hot 20 Countdown. "There's no reason you're heating up the bonfire unless you're trying to get her heated up. It's cool, it's just a fun song."

On top of his "Friday Night" success, Paslay had earned mainstream exposure as a co-writer on hits like Jake Owen's "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" and Eli Young Band's "Even if It Breaks Your Heart." So, the redheaded singer-songwriter already had a solid fan base that grabbed ahold of "Song About a Girl" right away.

"I'm glad that people are digging it," he told CMT. "I'm glad that people understand what we're talking about. It's a song about a girl, it's sexy, it's rebellious, it's playful and timeless all in one. I think that's what we're doing with the music video."

"Song About a Girl" marks Paslay's second time making a video, and he says the project's concept took on both a literal and historical feel.

"Every song, every piece of history through time has been about a girl," he explained. "From Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe to even Lady Liberty, it's always been about a girl, and I think we're doing a great job of really capturing that in this video.

"All the girls that are in it are great friends, so it's cool. It will be a cool video and good piece of history of our lives that we're living right now."

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