Tritt Open About Political Leanings

Travis Tritt is packing to head to Washington, D.C., for Saturday's inauguration of President-elect George W. Bush, a candidate he openly supported during the 2000 campaign. The two men met in 1996 at the Republican National Convention in San Diego, where Tritt sang the national anthem. However, the singer wasn't always so open about his political leanings. "For the longest time I never spoke out about my political views," Tritt told "I thought, 'Well, the thing entertainers need to do is just stick to entertainment.' But then I found out that people pay attention to what you say and what you think regardless of whether you voice who you're voting for or not." Tritt says he saw an opportunity to use his celebrity to encourage young people to vote. "I'm not trying to tell them that they have to vote the way I do. I try to tell people in every situation, 'Make yourself aware of what the issues are, watch the news, read the paper. Find out what each candidate supports, and then see how that lines up with your own personal beliefs.' And if you're going to go out and tell people to get out and vote and get involved, then you have to tell people what your stance is."

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