To Love Miranda Lambert Is to Learn Her

Understanding Is the Heart of Her Life with Anderson East

When InStyle had the chance to talk to Anderson East about his new album Encore -- and his love of crime shows and Costco underwear -- they also threw in a question about how he and Miranda Lambert keep their love so strong.

"There's a true admiration there and a large level of understanding on both sides, for sure. It's always difficult to be a traveling musician and still keep things together," East said. "Understanding is a huge factor."

As for the conversation about music, East says he didn't try to make a genre-specific record. "That can get constrained to a lot of different things when people refer to it. Any stylistic choices we make are there to enhance what the song is at its core.

"I don't see the labeling of this as country -- I think it's really unwarranted -- but honestly, I don't care what people call it; if they enjoy the music, so be it. I love country music," he said, "but I also love gangster rap."

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