CMT Premiere: Wade Bowen Makes Acting Debut In "Everything Has Your Memory" Music Video

Wade Bowen says the "Everything Has Your Memory" music video shows the sadness and heartbreak that comes with losing someone you love.

Popular independent Texas singer Wade Bowen is haunted by a relationship that didn’t work out in his song “Everything Has Your Memory.” He’s processing those emotions its accompanying music video – and making his acting debut simultaneously.

Written by Bowen, Eric Paslay and Heather Morgan, “Everything Has Your Memory” details what it’s like to look around and constantly see evidence of lost love. He wanted to bring those feelings to life in the music video.

“I think this song is so melody driven that you can forget about the intensity of the lyrics,” Bowen said. “That’s what this video does. It shows the sadness and heartbreak that comes with losing someone you love … while ya sing along.”

Bowen hopes to show a different side of himself in the video directed by Quinton Cook. While he enjoyed playing the part, he hopes people grasp the sadness and feel the anger of messing up a relationship and the toll that can take on someone.

“I was definitely tough on myself with the acting part, but I felt the character and what he was going through, and that was important to me,” Bowen said. “Love the overall feel with the colors and movement of the film. It’s such a dramatic presentation, in my opinion, that I’m truly proud of.”

His favorite moment, he said, actually came during a fight with his on-camera love interest.

“The scene where we are arguing on the bed is an actual argument,” he explained. “I just couldn’t understand why she didn’t want a vodka with me. Turns out she prefers tequila.”

Bowen has been a singer-songwriter for more than two decades. He loves country music but admits he likes it more sometimes than others. He’s six studio albums into his career. His popular songs, including “‘Til It Does,” “Who I Am” and “West Texas Rain” have helped him garner nearly 225 million streams and thousands of headlining shows.

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