Lee Brice Raves About His Superhuman Wife

When you marry a guy like Lee Brice, do you think it's like a nonstop love song? Is it love like crazy, 24/7? Only Sara Reeveley would know that for sure because she married Brice almost one year ago.

But here's what I know for sure. Brice does love her like crazy.

The last time Brice was in Chicago, we had a chance to catch up, and he went on and on about how his wife was the reason he is able to balance music and family.

"It's a balance, but we make it work," he told me. "Sara is just superhuman."

Even when Mr. Brice is on the road, Mrs. Brice manages to keep it all together back at home with the couple's two sons, Takoda, 5, and Ryker, almost 3 months.

"Sara called me today and said, 'I was afraid to have you gone, but ... I thank you so much for this,'" Brice said. "Her heart and soul is home and family. She's just always thinking about them."

It sounds like Brice is, too. He told me about a song he's writing that his sons inspired. So far, the working title is "Careful What You Wish For."

"It ain't no secret that I spend too much time on the road. And the more my heart wants to be home, the further I go," Brice explained. "I'm not complaining, because I'm living my dream. But there's that balance."

Even the Brice boys are learning how to help out with that balance.

"Takoda is like an insane big brother," he said. "He's only 5, but he's so helpful. He's such a great boy."

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