OFFSTAGE: Sara Evans Rewrites "Born to Fly" for New Boy

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There's a blue-eyed boy in her future, that's for sure. But when "Born to Fly" was a massive hit about 10 years ago, there was a brown-eyed boy in Sara Evans' future. So what changed? Everything. So that was one of the first questions I had for Evans when she was in Chicago for a show this week. Her new album features a bluegrass remake of her big hit from 2001, and the slight lyric revise comes in when she's asking her preacher about the love she's been praying to find. Which she told me her fans noticed right away. "They totally know why. I switched that for Jay," she said about her new husband Jay Barker. "But the original one was written about my son. I wrote 'Born to Fly' right after Avery was born. So the 'brown-eyed boy' was a reference to Avery. He's 11 now." Evans said he's cool with the change and that his tastes in music are not all straight-up country. "He plays the drums, the guitar, he raps. And he's obsessed with Eminem and Lil Wayne, so we download all the clean versions of their songs," she said. Evans even admitted she loves Eminem, too, how he writes and his song phrasing. "He doesn't sound like other rappers. And I think he's a troubled soul, who is actually a really good person. He's very sexy," Evans said, adding, "I'm drawn to bad boys." Even that blue-eyed boy Barker? Yes, even him. "Jay is tough and rugged and manly and not a pushover at all."

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