Hunter Hayes: "I Know My Heart's Happy"

How His Personal Life and New Music Coexist

Hunter Hayes was only 19 when he released his first big hit, "Storm Warning." And he's done a lot of growing up in the six years since, as evidenced by his new single, "Yesterday's Song."

The tune has him outgrowing one love and getting over it as soon as a new one comes along.

In a new interview with People, Hayes opens up about the song and -- for the first time -- his own love life and his girlfriend Libby Barnes.

What makes their love work is that even when Hayes is out on tour, he says, they're never out of touch.

"Everyone talks about communication, but like being super clear, super upfront. We just promised to each other that we're gonna make time and commit to being with each other," Hayes told People.

"I think everybody has their own schedule. 'Rush' is never a good word for anything, but I know my heart's happy, and I hope she's as happy as I am," he said, keeping his plans for their future together to himself.

And while Hayes is holding tight to what he has with Barnes, he's learning to let go when it comes to making music.

"I've been learning how to let go and just let the process be -- not overthinking every little thing, which is something I'm really good at," he said. "I've been experimenting with new sounds and stretching myself creatively more than ever before and just embracing life, which I think you can really hear in these songs and I think that comes through visually with this video, as well."

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