Did Taylor Swift Cut Her Trademark Golden Locks?

Photos Don't Lie as Friends Gathered at London Chopping Center

Photos don't lie, and Instagram has the proof. Taylor Swift has apparently cut her trademark blond locks.

This will be the chop heard 'round the world.

If you follow Swift on Instagram, you likely saw the same posts I saw Tuesday night (Feb. 11). A brief video clip shows her in a crowded room with people waving at her camera while she jokes, "This is how many people are watching me get a haircut right now! We don't do anything without an audience do we?!"

No doubt, Swift's fans watching instantly went on high alert. Is she really going to -- gasp! -- cut off her signature golden locks? Remember when she stopped styling her hair in its naturally curly state and opted for sleeker strands? People went nuts! It was a sign of the times and the evolution of Swift.

Of course, it was. Because deep down, she's just a normal girl. A normal girl who was simply ready for a change, ready to grow up a little and mix up her style a bit.

(Don't get me started on my first big hair evolution, which took me from long locks to nearly zero locks with a full-on pixie crop. Hey, Martina McBride and Faith Hill were doing it, too, at the time. Remember those days?)

And let's face it, Hollywood requires it. Swift is the A-list gal at the forefront of every fashion and style movement whirling through Tinseltown, so she's gotta keep it fresh and keep us all guessing.

And we were still guessing late last night -- until she posted a followup photo on Instagram, an adorable snapshot with British pop-singer Ellie Goulding that showed off what looks to be Swift's new and incredibly chic, just-above-the-shoulder bob hairstyle. Swift's caption underneath read, "London, I could never thank you enough. See you next time! PS: short hair, don't care. (!!!)"

Ah, the marvel of the celebrity crop and chop. Most recently, we've had Kellie Pickler's shaved head, David Nail's edgy hipster cut, then Keith Urban's close crop. And now it's Swift taking the plunge and shortening the strands.

Who's next? Chop, chop!

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