Did Luke Bryan Know About WWE’s Country Connection?

John Cena Can Sing and AJ Styles Can Act

I bet that when Luke Bryan took his sons and some friends to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) event in Nashville on Wednesday night (Dec. 28), he just went for fun.

I doubt he knew about the wrestlers’ connections to country music.

Like that John Cena always sings John Denver’s "Take Me Home, Country Roads" before putting on his shows in West Virginia.

Or that AJ Styles was cast in Sarah Darling’s 2011 country music video for her “Something to Do With Your Hands” song. (He played Mr. Handy, long before his hair got so long.)

Or that Seth Rollins has been banned -- even though it may not have been a legit ban -- from county music festivals before.

While Bryan was at the Bridgestone Arena for the WWE Live Holiday Tour, he snapped a few pictures with Cena and Styles and posted them on social media to share with his fans.

"From one country boy to another, good meeting you bro."

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