Stanley Brothers Play Opening in Virginia

Man of Constant Sorrow: The Story of the Stanley Brothers, a new musical production, will premiere Thursday (Aug. 25) at the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Va. Ralph Stanley, the surviving member of the legendary duo, is expected to attend Sunday's (Aug. 28) grand opening of the production. Written by Douglas Pote, the play traces the lives of Ralph and Carter Stanley from 1946, when the two began performing on a radio station in Bristol, Va., to when Ralph won multiple Grammy awards in 2002. Carter Stanley died in 1966 of complications from alcoholism. The Stanley play, Pote notes, "is less than two hours long, and almost an hour of it is music." Actors Gill Braswell and Nicholas Piper, who both sing and play instruments in the Stanley Brothers style, have been cast in the lead roles. The play will continue at Barter Theatre through Oct. 2 before moving to other venues throughout Virginia.

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