Sam Williams Reacts To The Death of His Mother: 'I Will Always Be The Son of Mary Jane'

Mary Jane Thomas died Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida.

Country singer Sam Williams is mourning another loss – his mother, Mary Jane Thomas.

The singer, who released his debut album “Glasshouse Children” last year, is the son of Thomas and Hank Williams, Jr. His parents were married for more than 30 years.

Thomas unexpectedly died on Tuesday. She passed away in Jupiter, Florida, from a blood clot.

“My dear Mama Mary Jane was a beautiful soul who forever affected everyone who knew her,” Sam Williams said in a statement. “She had a smile and presence that lit up every room, and she never met a stranger she didn’t befriend. Her spirit was gentle and giving. She could take down a ten-point buck and fix dinner for her grandchildren at the same time!”

Hank Williams Jr. and Thomas had two children – Sam Williams and Katie Williams-Dunning. Dunning died in a car accident in June of 2020.

“Now she gets to radiate from above with my sister Katherine Diana right by her side,” Sam Williams said. “She grew up competing in baton and cheerleading and was one of Hawaiian Tropic’s top models. My father fell in love with the Daytona Beach beauty the minute he set eyes on her in the early 80s. They went on to live the most powerful love story of travel and hunting and raising a family.”

Sam Williams said she is “survived by my father, her two parents Ramona and Bill, her brother Andy, her sister Angela, myself and her three grandchildren: Beau Weston, Tennyson Hiram and Audrey Jane.

“Rest in peace Mama, I will always be the son of Mary Jane.”

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