Ashley McBryde Says Some Nights Actually Aren't Meant to Last Forever

FIRST LISTEN: "One Night Standards"

Forever is nice. But sometimes, forever is just not what you need. Occasionally, a fling > forever.

And now, for those kinds of nights, we have Ashley McBryde's "One Night Standards."

In a sea of love-is-everlasting country songs, this brand new song from McBryde -- one she wrote with Shane McAnally and Nicolette Hayford -- stands out with a story of short-term love. "There’s something in that notion that not everything has to last forever," McBryde shared in a press release on Friday (Aug. 30).

“We had to walk away from it to give it a second to breathe," she said of the songwriting session. "When we got back in a room, this time Shane was with us and I joked, ‘You know, hotel rooms...they only have one night stand for a reason. They’re one night stand-ers.’ Shane and Nic’s eyes lit up, ‘Did you just say one night standards?’”

The song will be on McBryde's follow-up to her debut album Girl Going Nowhere, and is expected to be released in full in early 2020.

Listen to what McBryde had to say about her not-so-overnight success in a recent Hot 20 episode:

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