PREMIERE: David Tucker's "Miss Taken" Finds The Silver Lining In A Broken Heart

The video highlights "a relationship breaking apart, and one person moving on to something better," says the performer

Athens, Georgia-born singer-songwriter David Tucker is a thoughtful, creative artist who understands how to create uniquely impactful meaning from deceptively simple lyrics. His latest single, "Miss Taken" -- for which there is a new video -- takes a simple lyric: "thank God you were Mister Wrong, now she's Miss Taken," and uses it as a tool to explore the depth and scope of emotions that surround fresh heartbreak.

Regarding the Doltyn Snedden-directed clip, Tucker says, "The plot and storyline really visualize a relationship breaking apart, and one person moving on to something better. It’s amazing to see how the play on words Miss Taken” comes to life. It’s by far the best piece of artwork my team, and I have been able to create. It was really a different experience for me as an artist. When I saw it for the first time, it truly blew me away to see it all come together."

"Shooting this video was another wild adventure. We had to wait until late at night, around 2 am to get the looks we wanted for most of the footage," notes Tucker about the creative process that went into the shoot. "It was well worth the no sleep!" But, overall, as related to the video and Tucker's thoughts about what he'd like both his fans and those new to his work to take away from watching it, he offers a bittersweetly romantic note:

"I hope they’ll see to cherish whoever they have in their lives and hold onto them tight. You never know when they might become Miss Taken…"

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