Twitty Estate To Be Divided

Although it's been close to seven years since the legendary Conway Twitty passed away, his $12 to 14-million fortune has been up in the air between the late singer's children and widow. Tennessee law and the State Court of Appeals, however, has recently guaranteed Twitty's widow Dee Henry Jenkins a one-third share of the country icon's estate. The recent split decision now favors the Twitty daughters on three legal questions and two for Jenkins -- meaning the estate will actually be divided between the parties. According to Nashville's The Tennessean newspaper, the Twitty daughters' lawyer Brenda Little still has no definite answer as to exactly how much inheritance the singer's two daughters and two sons will receive. The appeals court also ruled that Jenkins is entitled to a share of the income that Twitty's assets have garnered since his 1993 death. The rule does not, however, affect income reeled in from Twitty's songs and various other "intellectual property" that the children purchased in an earlier court-ordered bidding contest between Jenkins and the Twitty children. While the estate war is still not over, attorney Little explained that Jenkins will "probably receive at least half of her husband's estate."

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