Tim McGraw Tells Kelly Clarkson He Wrote A Song For '1883'

Tim McGraw uses his musical superpower to elevate fan-favorite series, ‘1883.’

Country music legend, Tim McGraw has vocalized time and time again that he will not intertwine his music career with the Yellowstone prequel, 1883. In a previous interview with Taste of Country, the "Humble And Kind" artist revealed that the series doesn't call for musical elements, and fans should not expect to hear him sing.

"It's not a show that's gonna have anything to do with us singing," McGraw told the publication. "We're not gonna turn it into a Broadway play. My character, James, I can't imagine him ever singing a note. He's not an artistic guy," he concluded.

While the hitmaker tried to keep the two ventures separate, McGraw couldn't resist crossing his self-made line when a simple song idea popped into his head. McGraw recently appeared virtually (Feb. 3) on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and opened up about a lullaby he penned for a recent episode for Wade (James Landry Hebert) to sing.

"There's a scene where Wade has to sing to the cattle," the singer-turned-actor told Clarkson. "And he was searching for a song to sing to the cattle. And I was walking into the gym one day, and I had this idea."

Without any hesitation, the multi-platinum artist turned on his phone and shared his creative thoughts with the fast-rising Hollywood actor.

"I did a voice memo to him with this little lullaby for him to sing to the cattle," he said. The singer-songwriter confessed that Herbert immediately responded with positive praise, and so did the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan.

"That was my contribution to music on this show," McGraw concluded. Both McGraw (James Dutton) and Faith Hill (Margaret Dutton) have done an excellent job of keeping their talents hush-hush, as their co-star Isabel May didn't even know they are musicians.

May, who plays McGraw's on-screen daughter – joined Clarkson in-studio to chat about her personal relationship with the couple.

"Tim knows this already, so this isn't a big shock to him. But, I didn't know who they were," confessed the young actress. "I didn't know they were big….," she said while getting lost in her words. Her confession left the "Piece By Piece" artist dumfounded.

"What rock did you live under?" asked Clarkson while laughing. "Oh my God, you're so lucky though, you have all this music to catch up on," she stressed.

While May pointed out that she's excited to dabble in the world of country, she also noted that not recognizing the notable names was actually a perk.

"To me, I just got to get to know them as just humans," shared May. "There was a blank slate, and my goodness, they're just the loveliest people I think I've ever met. I immediately fell in love with them, and it was so genuine."

She continued to speak very highly of Faith Hill and dubbed her as "one of the kindest people" she has ever crossed paths with. However, she did not fail to touch upon her contagious personality and "goofball" side.

"She makes animal noises. Weird animal noises," she admitted full of excitement. "Yes, she's so gifted at it too," she said while holding in more fun facts about the country music icon.

While gushing about her wonderful experience on set with the couple, McGraw did not hesitate to shower the young A-lister with heartwarming compliments as well. New episodes of 1883 are available every Sunday on Paramount+.

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