CMT Roundup: Charles Esten, Priscilla Block, Sam Williams, Alana Springsteen and More Release New Music

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Sam Williams, Priscilla Block, Charles Esten, Alana Springsteen, Travis Denning, Kristian Bush with Billy Pilgrim and more bring an eclectic mix of new country songs to the genre this week. Here these songs and more on CMT's new music playlist The Roundup.

Priscilla Block, “Couple Spring Breaks Back”: “I’ve been super excited about this song for a while! It takes you back to the younger days, spring break, fake IDs, and that one fling you had for the week on the beach. I’m a sucker for a nostalgic song, and this is that.”

Kristian Bush with Billy Pilgrim, “Love and Blue Jeans”: “Just like the backstory of Chris Stapleton began with the incredible The SteelDrivers, the backstory of Sugarland began with the incredible Billy Pilgrim,” said Bush. “This is where I learned to be in a duo and sing harmony. Nothing makes me more proud than to join my singing partner Andrew Hyra on our new song ‘Love and Blue Jeans.’ It’s funny how it comes right back like magic.”

Charles Esten, “One Good Move”: “This is special to me. I’ve been making music almost since I got here. I was a guy who probably, in some ways, wished I’d come to Nashville long ago. Once I was here, I dug in deep. I put out a Guinness World Record number of singles. I was at a writers’ retreat, and we were all sitting outside on a beautiful day, and I was sitting with a few young women I was getting ready to write with. I was saying how I didn’t envy them because, at their age, I would not have done real well if there was a video camera in everyone’s hand at every moment of my youth. I was a bad decision machine as a young man. But then I said, ‘Except for one thing, my wife Patty. She was my one good move.’”

Sam Williams, “Lost Its Allure”: “‘Lost Its Allure’ is about life kind of losing its shiny-ness and its sparkle, and feeling that and fighting to get it back.”

Alana Springsteen, “shoulder to cry on”: “‘shoulder to cry on’ represents a very real low point in the Messing It Up phase of my debut album ‘TWENTY SOMETHING.’ Desperation, sadness, yearning, loneliness, self-doubt … it’s all there in this one. We’ve all wanted someone we can’t have at one point or another and prayed for some form of relief. It’s an incredibly uncomfortable place to be. I’ve always had a hard time letting myself cry. Allowing myself to feel emotions in general has been a struggle for me,” Springsteen said. “My ex and I had our last big fight parked in my car in a subdivision lot, and it marked the beginning of the end of that relationship. I’ve now realized that a lot of my fights, breakdowns, and tears have happened when I’ve been alone in my car. It’s a safe space for me to be vulnerable.”

Travis Denning, “Strawberry Wine and a Cheap Six Pack”: “I really wanted to write something like ‘Strawberry Wine and A Cheap Six Pack’ to grab a nostalgic feeling on a lyrical and musical level,” Denning said. “When I was growing up and a teenager, I was listening to certain kind of music from an era that I really wanted to capture on this song. The song has a mid-2000s country music vibe, and that’s something I’ve been chasing for a long time. I feel like this song was the first I’ve written that definitely hits that same feeling and energy of the music of my youth.”

John Morgan, “Sorry Not Sorry”: “If you’re more country than most, then ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is the song for you. Unapologetically country, when someone is making fun of you for how redneck you are, ‘SNS’ is ready to be your favorite new drinking song or your favorite pissed off song.”

Tyler Rich, “I Know You Do”: “We’ve all been in a fight with a partner when they won’t say ‘I love you’ back even though you know that they do,” Rich said. “In this song, Jaron Boyer, Micah Wilshire, and I dive deep into all the things that drive my wife crazy. But, even if I might get on her bad side sometimes, I’m also the only one who truly knows her, what she loves, and how to turn it around. I might squeeze some heavy metal and scary movies into her life sometimes, but I also know which red wine label to bring home to make her smile through the loud distortion. When she’s ‘mad as hell, and can’t even tell me that you love me too, girl I know you do.’”

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