WATCH: Lainey Wilson Makes “Tonight Show” Debut With New Single “Heart Like A Truck”

Lainey Wilson checks "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" performance off her bucket list.

Country music breakout star Lainey Wilson recently crossed another career first off her long-running list, as she made her debut on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the singer-songwriter appeared on the fan-favorite talk show with latest single, “Heart Like A Truck.” As Fallon held a groovy-like vinyl that displayed the track’s title, he introduced the hitmaker to the stage.

“Our next guest is the reigning ACM New Female Artist of the Year,” shouted the award-winning host. “Performing her new single”Heart Like A Truck,” give it up for Lainey Wilson!”

With the audience cheering in the background, the powerhouse songstress stood under the spotlight with poise. She delivered the sentimental single with a full-set band backing her infectious vocals. While sporting her signature bell-bottom pants, she began the act off slow with a passionate and airy introduction. It wasn’t until the chorus, that Wilson grabbed the microphone and tackled the high-energy verse – proving she’s a superstar in the making.

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