Niko Moon Serenades Wife Anna With “All That We Need” In Paradise

Niko Moon proves he’s a hopeless romantic in a recent TikTok video – WATCH!

Country hitmaker Niko Moon is known for his signature “Good Time” party songs, but within his catalog of breezy bops are romantic gems. The seasoned songsmith turned solo artist recently took his lovely lady Anna Moon to the Bahamas and serenaded her with his dreamy melody, “All That We Need.”

The urban cowboy sported tropical swim trunks, and Anna stunned in a floral floor-length sundress in an intimate TikTok video filmed seaside. With crystal clear water as the backdrop, Moon spun his wife around in circles and sang the mid-tempo track.

“We could be rich, we could be broke | We could be young, we could be old | It don’t matter, no,” Moon sings with a beaming smile. “Long as I got you, you got me | That’s all that we need | Baby, take my hand, you gon’ see | That’s all that we need | Ain’t complicated, baby, let’s keep it simple | Long as I got you, you got me | That’s all that we need,” he adds.

The clip captured in paradise quickly went viral on social media. The post garnered 492.3K views, and 34.9K likes on TikTok alone. While several country fans praised their picture-perfect marriage, others thanked Moon for releasing the ultimate date night jam.

“You two are goals!” gushed a follower. “I think I need to make this our 20-year anniversary theme song,” said another.

The Georgia native penned “All That We Need” alongside his wife and frequent collaborator Joshua Murty. The love-centric hit lives on his recently released EP, “Coastin’.” Anna Moon played a vital role in the songwriting process, as she had a hand in penning all five hits.

The genre-bending songstress cultivated Moon’s breakthrough single, “Good Time" with Jordan Minton, Joshua Murty, and Mark Trussell. The anthem that displays Moon’s Bob Marley mentality, brought his career to new heights. The fast-rising artist became the first country crooner to make his single debut on radio and achieve 2X platinum certification during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The country crooner has several writing credits on award-winning singles with Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, Shay Mooney, Dierks Bentley, and more. Since he tied the knot seven years ago, his artistry has been heavily influenced by Anna.

“She’s a pop artist, almost with an Amy Winehouse sort of vibe — jazzy pop music. All the music that she has currently released and that she’s written, we wrote together. She writes all my songs with me, and I write all her songs with her,” Moon told The Boot. “She is a fantastic songwriter. I’m not just writing with her because she’s my wife, I’m writing with her because she’s one of the greatest songwriters I know.”

Moon’s latest project includes fan favorites – “Easy Tonight,” “One Drink Away,” “Back Nine,” and more. Moon recently shared a stage with Jon Pardi in Colorado, as he is hitting massive country festivals nationwide. For upcoming appearances, visit

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