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Jelly Roll Reveals Highly Anticipated New Album "WHITSITT CHAPEL"

Jelly Roll says his new album is "real music for real people with real problems."

Chris Young Talks Friendship With Country-Rocker Jelly Roll: "He's Not Your Normal Success Story"

Chris Young says he has a full-length album "pretty much done."

Jelly Roll Celebrates First-Ever Country No.1 With Single, “Son Of A Sinner”

Jelly Roll: “I’m so filled with gratitude as tears stream down my face while I type this, I currently have the number 1 song on country radio.”

Jelly Roll Talks Upcoming Documentary And Gives Advice To Reality Stars Serving Time In Prison

Jelly Roll shares what it was like to return to the jail cell he spent 18 months in as a teenager.

Jelly Roll Talks Weight Loss Plans for 2023

Jelly Roll previously lost 180 lbs and then gained it back.

Country Artists That Paid It Forward In 2022 And Created Change

Miranda Lambert, Jelly Roll, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, and more used their powerful influence in 2022 to demand change.

Pics: Jelly Roll Sells Out Nashville's Bridgestone Arena with Chris Young, Sam Hunt, Struggle Jennings and more

Jelly Roll headlined Bridgestone Arena for the first time Friday in an emotional night of tough and tender lyrics with assists from his famous friends

Listen: Jelly Roll Debuts New Song 'she' To Spotlight The Struggle With Addiction

Jelly Roll: "I feel like it's an artist's responsibility to speak for those who sometimes can't always speak for themselves."

Jelly Roll Plans To Donate $250K Worth Of Music Resources To A Juvenile Detention Center

Jelly Roll: “I felt like it was important to start addressing the problem hands-on, at a community level.”

WATCH: Jelly Roll And His Daughter Surprise Fans With A Live Performance Of "Tears Could Talk"

Jelly Roll's daughter Bailee Ann is following in her father's footsteps – check it out!

Jelly Roll Describes Mental Health Struggle, Says Treatment Could Have Saved Him From Criminal Behavior

Jelly Roll: "If a doctor would have helped my mother with her addiction, my nickname might be Slim Totem, and I might be a doctor."