Amazon Documentary “For Love & Country” Highlights Influential Black Musicians And Country Music’s Evolution

Amazon Music releases an eye-opening documentary "For Love & Country," featuring Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton, BRELAND, Shy Carter, Reyna Roberts, and more.

Within the last decade, the country music genre has become more inclusive due to the powerful voices that have pushed for equality and positive social change. In Amazon Music’s feature-length documentary “For Love & Country,” a new generation of Black voices share their start story and how they fearlessly used their artistry to alter the genre.

The thought-provoking film, directed by Joshua Kissi, also serves as a reminder of the genre’s origin story and how Black musicians had a prominent role in developing the foundation of country music.

Trailblazers such as – Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton, Blanco Brown, BRELAND, Shy Carter, Willie Jones, Amythyst Kiah, Valerie June, Reyna Roberts, Brittney Spencer, Allison Russell, and Frankie Staton deliver enlightening narratives on how they claimed their space in Nashville.

“What I’ve come to realize is country music as a genre is just as complex as this country itself,” shared Kissi in a statement. “Now is the moment to stand up for the voices that had always mattered throughout time, especially the musicians who didn’t get the credit when it was due.”

Brittany Spencer has become a mainstay within the country music space for her soul-touching sound and her informative storytelling. Spencer is the vocalist behind “Compassion,” a mid-tempo melody that touches upon the racial injustice in America. The breakout star arrived in the honky tonk town nine years ago, and has been striving for inclusivity ever since.

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